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The 5 Best Carpets Shops In Dubai

Carpets Shops In Dubai: Carpets are essentials for every home. No matter, if you are living in a small house, an apartment, or a villa, having carpet in your place is a must. Carpets Dubai along with adding a visually aesthetic appeal also provide warmth to your space. Not only this you can enjoy a host of perks with the addition of carpets in your home. But, a fact that this can only be possible if you find the best quality of carpets.

If you are living in Dubai, then you have gone through a bundle of brands to buy carpets for sure. Well, as with the versatility of the city “Dubai”, there is quite a huge market of merchants for selling carpets. After being to so many shops, if you still fail to find the best carpet shop then just stop where you are.

Here is a brief guide about The 5 best shops for Rugs and Carpets In Dubai. We are writing about every minor detail for each brand and you’ll surely get the desired carpet for you from one of the listed brands.  Before we move to know about these brands, let’s just give you a brief price estimation for carpets in Dubai.

Look At The Estimated Cost Of Carpets Dubai From Best Carpets Shops In Dubai

Everyone wants a value for money product. Carpets Dubai being the versatile interior decoration assortment is available at varying prices at different carpets shops in Dubai. We have mentioned below a curated list of varying carpet prices. You check to have a bit of idea about the price estimation for carpets.

Carpet Type Minimum Cost Per Square Meter Maximum Cost Per Square Meter
Polyester $2.69 $48.44
Stainmaster $4.31 $17.98
Textured $8.07 $21.53
Olefin $10.76 $21.53
Carpet Tiles $11.84 $43.06
Triexta $13.45 $53.82
Level Loop $13.99 $43.06
Berber $16.15 $107.64
Nylon $17.98 $53.82
Friezé $21.53 $37.67
Saxony $21.53 $75.35
Smartstrand $24.76 $48.44
Plush $37.67 $48.44
Wool $48.44 $107.64

Now, after you have got an idea about carpet prices in Dubai. Let’s move to know about the best carpet shops in Dubai.

The Best Carpet Shops In Dubai


Address Al Quoz First Behind BMW showroom sheikh Zayed Road DUBAI
Contact Details Ph# +971502136026
Offers Carpets, Flooring, Curtains & Blinds Services

If quality and class are your priority then visiting will surely be worth it for you. it’s probably the best place to get a genuine Persian or oriental rug at an affordable price range.

There are a lot of carpet sellers in Dubai, but we recommend you buy carpets from a reputable manufacturer. This carpet brand sources high-quality material from reputable traders and designs every inch of carpets and rug with the proper attention to detail.

As one of the largest carpets shops in Dubai, they offer exquisite, functional & practical carpets that add value to any space. Customers can choose from a variety of ready-made carpets or rugs at the Carpeter, but customized carpets are their specialty.

The main benefit of stores that customize their products is that you’re unlikely to discover anyone else doing it. You can also specify carpet sizes, colors, textures, and other materials in detail. They stock the widest collection of Carpets in Dubai & offer a lot of choices to their customers to choose from.

You can book an appointment with one of their representatives at your home if you don’t always have time to swing by their store. It won’t be difficult for you to check through their samples and choose the best carpet for you!


Discount vouchers available on the website

Customized carpet pieces

Free quote and consultation

Reasonable installation services


Fewer Products & Services as compared to others on the list

Customer Reviews

Check out what customers say about them!

“Very quick service and reasonable pricing. Carpets are great to add an appealing look to my living room. I just love my new carpet”

“I just got my wall-to-wall carpet installed at my place by The overall service was awesome. They did a great job. Highly appreciated!”


Address Fixit design carpet and curtains Showroom number 33 , Al Quoz 1st
Contact Details Ph# +971554722980
Offers Carpets, Flooring, Rugs & Skirting  Services has been one of the most reputable carpeting stores in the UAE for many years. They offer Carpets, Flooring, Rugs & Skirting Services. They have attracted clients from all around the world intending to transform homes and business spaces with one-of-a-kind pieces.

They specialize in the best Carpets Dubai for houses and commercial spaces. This is one of our favorite carpets shops in Dubai since they provide consumers with a variety of carpet styles to pick from. This is one of the best stores for carpets and rugs that offer carpet installation & fixing services. They can also conduct a deep cleaning of your carpet if you do need that.

Therefore, buying carpets from this esteemed firm will make you perfectly comfortable with all your carpeting needs & services. Not only this you can also get other interior services from them that are very reasonable.


Cost-effective installation and fixing services

Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Online appointment available

Free measure

Samples provided online

High Customer rating


No website chat support

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous clients:

“ For the best quality, style, and of course budget, we get the best carpet. Along with the perfect quality of carpets & doorstep delivery, they also provide us with the best quality and services. We are really pleased to have experience at and would love to recommend others to shop from here too!”

“ I am really pleased with the quality and style options at It is really a pleasure to shop for my bedroom carpet from them. They were cooperative throughout. I would love to experience it again.!


Address Carpet And Curtains Trading L.L.C Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Contact Details Ph#: 043 299 456
Offers Artificial Grass, Painting, Accessories, Carpets, Flooring, Curtains & Blinds Services

As one of Dubai’s most successful organizations, Fixit design provides a wide range of interior decor services, including Artificial Grass, Painting, Accessories, Carpets Dubai, Flooring, Curtains & Blinds. Their approach is unusual in that it combines Eastern and Western inspirations, as well as Greek and Italian styles, with cutting-edge technology.

Their complete portfolio incorporates commercial and residential carpet design. They have succeeded in making a lot of appealing interiors with their classic services for providing the carpet with next-level designs.

They design each of their carpets with highly durable & reliable material that’s why we can guarantee the long-lasting durability of their product along with the perfect visual appeal. They are well-known for their carpet installation services.

They’re great at designing custom carpets exactly up to your design preferences. The professional staff is available to provide every type of service with perfection and accuracy.


Free appointment

Free Quote

Free Samples

24/7 service

Reasonable carpet fixing & Installation services.


No Website chat is available

Customer Reviews

Let’s check how people rate them for their services. 

“ Incredible! 5-Star services. I want to have a custom design carpet with an exceptional outlook and I got it from Really impressed & Recommended!”

“ Highly durable & Reliable carpets. It’s been 6months since I bought a carpet for my hallway and it is still fresh and appealing due to the best quality. I’ll surely recommend it to others!”


Address Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz
Contact Details Ph#: +971 50 637 9229
Offers Furniture, Curtains, Blinds, Carpets, Flooring, Rugs & Upholstery Services

Baniyas Furniture is an award-winning carpet designing firm. This firm is situated in Dubai, provides custom carpeting services for both residential and commercial clients. It has almost 500 luxury projects in its portfolio. The firm specializes in contemporary and modern design, and it is known for its meticulous attention to detail.

The awards include recognition for the best modern and traditional design carpets for every space and with exceptional quality. Their focus is on providing an unrivaled combination of flexibility, durability, and affordability. They are working with a passion for designing stunning carpet marvels.

Baniyas Furniture is one of the UAE’s best carpet crafting companies, that is also providing high-quality furniture, rugs, curtains, blinds, and flooring items to fulfill your interior requirements. Whether you’re looking for office furniture, home flooring, contemporary rugs and modern carpets, or anything else, you’ll definitely find the greatest solutions here.

They are aware of their client’s requirements and ensure that they receive the best services possible. They’ve been making carpets for over 30 years and have now earned reputable recognition. Their carpets are one-of-a-kind, stylish, and warm. In Dubai, Baniyas Furniture provides free home delivery. They also provide installation services to their valued clients.


Free appointment

Expert Installation Services

Free Quote

Free Samples

24/7 service


Limited samples provided online

Customer Reviews

Read the customer perception about this reputable brand! 

“ Highly exceptional designs with outclass services. Robert was very helpful throughout the journey. They helped me choose the best carpet for me. I am so happy with my new carpet for the living room!”

“ Experts at for designing the most attractive & captivating designs of carpets Dubai are great. I just love the carpet I have got now for my bedroom.”


Address Fixit design carpet and curtains Showroom number 33 , Al Quoz 1st
Contact Details Ph#: +971 50 637 9229
Offers Carpets, Flooring, Rugs, Cushions & Artificial Grass Services, is one of the reputable firms to design, create and sell the most captivating carpets and rug designs that are highly appealing and practical. Each design of their carpet is properly designed with great attention. Every single material is basically sourced from reputable traders all around the world. The expert craftsmen are very much keen to design every inch of carpets.

You can find every design and style of carpet to match your home decor. They are very keen on customers designing parameters and try to design the perfect piece of their thoughts.  Considering the other services related to carpets, they have a complete team to assist their customers.

You are therefore welcome to visit and avail services like the expert consultation to help you for choosing the best complementing design of the carpet, affordable installation services with accuracy, and other after-sales services.

So, if style, design, and uniqueness are your needs then you must visit You are sure to get affordable and reliable services & the carpet you’ll buy will last for long.


Discount vouchers available on the website

Cost-effective installation services

Free quote and consultation

products and services are best

High Customer rating


No website chat support

Customer Reviews

Read the words from satisfied customers!

“ Highly recommended! I just received my order and it is exactly the same carpet I ordered. The quality & especially the outlook is perfect, exactly up to my specified parameters. I’ll definitely shop again!”

“ Exclusively appealing carpet design. I have got my stair carpet installed by The whole team was very cooperative and best at their skill. They perfectly installed my carpet. Really satisfied with their services!”

Tips on Choosing Carpets in Dubai

Carpets are a long-term investment. So, you need to be very much careful while choosing a carpet for any space. There are several things to consider while purchasing the best carpet. Keenly look at the factors to bear in mind before your step out to buy a carpet.

1. Consider Your Budget First

Not only for buying carpets Dubai, while making any of the worthy purchases, you must also set up your budget first. This will make it easier for you to choose the product that fits your pocket. 

2. Choose The Perfect Padding For Carpet

Carpet padding is necessary for the perfect outlook of your carpet flooring. If you don’t have good padding with quality carpet then it’ll ruin the look of the carpet. So be careful when you choose the padding.

3. Go Through The Different Styles Of Carpets

Carpets are versatile. When you are in the market to buy carpet you’ll have infinite options in terms of colors, styles, designs, and of course material. So, before you finalize your purchase make sure to go through every style.

4. Choose Between Natural Or Synthetic Carpets

Carpets are available in both natural and synthetic materials. You should first decide whether you want to have natural material carpet or synthetic material carpet. 

5. Do Consider The Maintenance Needs

Better to choose the carpets that require less maintenance & should be comfortable to use. The carpets designed with high-quality material are easy to use and care for.

6. Choose The Best Blending Carpet

As carpet is one of the essential components of an interior so you must choose the one that matches it. The carpet you select must blend with the overall theme of your home decor. 

Final Verdict!

Finding the best carpets shops in Dubai is quite difficult, as a host of reputable brands are selling the best quality Carpets Dubai. The main thing to think about is that you probably don’t know about the services and quality until you visit them.

We have briefly listed the best 5 carpet shops in Dubai along with their services, pros & cons & customer reviews. You can keenly read about their services and choose the one that fits your designing & Styling needs.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, there are a number of carpets available in the market. The best carpet would be the one with high-end durability, reliability, and a perfect outlook to blend with your existing interior theme.

You may go through the various carpet shops in Dubai. Keep in mind the basic factors to buy the carpet like ( budget, carpet pile, maintenance, type, color & style). If you find all these things then you’ll surely get the best carpet for you.

Check if the company you are buying carpet from offers you installation services or not. If not then you can hire a professional to get your carpet perfectly installed.

There are many types of underlayment available for carpets. It depends on the type of carpet to choose the most suitable underlay for your carpet.  

You should consider a regular cleaning (vacuuming) of your carpet on a daily basis and make sure to deep clean your carpet once a month. 

The basic carpet removal or installation cost is not so high. The cost is measured according to the per square meter of the area. So, it totally depends on the total area of your space.

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